Luxembourgian Cross-Border Commuter offer


Comprehensive service offering on both sides of the border.

Offre frontaliers luxembourgeois

Manage your daily activities in both Luxembourg and France with the banking offer reserved for workers on the France–Luxembourg border.

-50% on BNP Paribas Esprit Libre premiums in France

In detail

Reduced fees

for banking servicesIn France at preferential rates

Take advantage of a 50% reduction of your BNP Paribas Esprit Libre premium.


For banking servicesIn Luxembourg at preferential rates

Take advantage of 50% off the Essentiel offer for your Compte courant à la carte (custom checking account) at the BNP Paribas BGL (Banque Générale du Luxembourg).

Luxembourgian Cross-Border Commuter advantage


Benefit from solutions adapted to your status as a border worker and branches that specialize in advising those who work on the Luxembourg border.

Also locate our border branches.

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Detailed characteristics of the

Luxembourgian Cross-Border Commuter offer

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This offer is valid for workers on the France–Luxembourg border who are holders of, and/or who sign up for, the Esprit Libre Essentiel package and Essentiel offer for the Customized Current Account (subject to acceptance of your application by BNP Paribas and/or BGL BNP Paribas).

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