livret a baby savings account

Livret A Baby

Savings Account

Livret A baby

Livret A Baby is a savings account reserved for little ones (less than one year old) and available at all times.

  • Interest rate
  • 0.75%(1)

In detail

Opening offer

Welcome gifts(1)just for you

Receive €15 when you open the Livret A Baby account, along with a soft snuggly toy.

(1) This offer is valid until the 2015-12-31 for every Livret A savings account opened at a branch for an infant less than one year of age, while supplies last.


100% secureaccessible at any time

Manage your Livret A savings account for baby as you wish, for as long as you wish.


Add funds at your discretion or by automatic transfers that's freedom

Choose how you want to add funds to your livret savings account (at your discretion or automatically) and the amount to be deposited.

Further details

Detailed characteristics of the

Livret A Baby

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  • Eligibility, sign-up procedure, interest rate, limit, deposits, withdrawals, term
  • Method of interest calculation and posting dates, taxation
  • Closure
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You can sign up for a Livret A Baby for any child less than one year old, irrespective of nationality or place of residence.

A child may hold only one Livret A.

Sign-up procedure

Any private individual (whether or not of legal age, whether or not a resident of France) may open a Livret A Baby for their child.

A Livret A Baby account can be opened upon request by the legal representative(s) of the child and requires their signature.

The following documents must be presented when the account is opened:

For the minor child:

  • One currently valid identification document or photocopy of the family record book
  • One proof of address (if the address of the minor child is different from that of the legal representative)

For the legal representative:

  • The family record book
  • One currently valid identification document
  • One proof of address

Interest rate

The Livret A savings account pays a 0.75% interest rate net of tax and social security contributions.


The maximum balance of a Livret A account is limited to €22,950.
This limit can only be exceeded by the amount of interest paid in.

Transfers and deposits

A minimum of €10 is required for your first deposit and for each subsequent deposit.

You may add to your Livret A Baby whenever you like or periodically (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly).


You may make withdrawals from your Livret A Baby at any time on condition that each withdrawal is minimum €10. The Livret A account will be closed if the balance falls below €10.


There is no limit on how long you keep your Livret A account.

(1) Rate applied on 2015-08-01.

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