individual retirement savings plan


Life Insurance

A life insurance policy to prepare for your retirement


The Individual Retirement Savings Plan is a regulated product that allows you to benefit from an additional pension while reducing your taxes.

  • Interest rate
  • 2.25%(1)

(1) The rate of the Life insurance policy is net of management fees and gross of tax and social security withholdings. From €50 excluding application fees.

In detail


Tax advantage from the start to provide tax savings

The sums deposited into your Individual Retirement Savings Plan each year may be deducted from your total net income. Therefore, your savings account is partly financed by the future taxes you have saved.


Automatic or discretionary at your own pace

Prepare for your retirement by using automatic transfers. If you wish, you can transfer funds whenever you like. You can increase, decrease or suspend your transfers at any time.


Cancellation option additional income

You have a broad choice of personalized annuities you can use when the time comes for additional income to meet your needs.


A multi-investment life insurance policyto protect your close ones

Thanks to an annuity for your designated beneficiary, you can protect your family in the event of your death during the saving phase.


Management method of various financial products

Our financial products provide each individual with their desired degree of security and freedom: secure or unregistered managements.

Further details

Detailed features of the


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  • Eligibility, deposits
  • Different management methods
  • Beneficiaries in the event of death during the savings phase
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In order to sign up for an Individual Retirement Savings Plan, you must belong to the Partenaire Retraite association by paying a one-time, non-reimbursable sign-up fee of €10.


Choose the method for depositing funds into your Individual Retirement Savings Plan that suits you best:

  • Regular deposits: €50 when you open the account and €15 per month thereafter
  • Discretionary deposits: €50 when you open the account and no minimum monthly deposit thereafter

You can increase, decrease (with a minimum deposit of €15/month) or suspend your deposits at any time.

FAQ ()

  • What is a multi-investment life insurance policy?
  • When you sign up for a life insurance policy, you can choose from a wide range of investment instruments: French Euro funds and unit-linked investments. This policy allows you to diversify your savings using several investment instruments in accordance with your investment goals.
  • How can I optimize my arbitrage options with a life insurance policy?
  • Arbitrage allows you to reallocate your life insurance investments.

    You can obtain information from our Savings specialists who will analyze the various options under your contract and adapt them to your goals.

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