home ownership savings account

home ownership savings account


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The Home Ownership Savings Account offers access to a mortgage loan for financing home renovation, purchases or construction.

  • Interest rate offered
  • 0.50% gross(1)


Interest paid

0.50% grossGuaranteed interest paid

From the first deposit you make into your Home Ownership Savings Account, your money is earning you 0.50% gross(1) per year (not taking into account direct social security withholding). There is a limit of €15,300 to the Home Ownership Savings Account.

Loan request

at the end of the 18th montha favorable rate

Beginning at the end of the 18th month, you can obtain a Home Ownership Savings Account to finance home improvement, purchases or construction.

Make investing easier

SAVINGS PREMIUM GRANTED BY THE STATEthe extra that makes the difference

If you request a mortgage loan, you will benefit from a savings premium(2) equal to half of your earned interest.

Further details

Please note

Home Ownership Savings Plan and Account: the winning combination for your real estate project! By using both together, you may accumulate borrowing rights, allowing you to borrow up to €92,000. If needed, you may still access your Home Ownership Savings Account while keeping the Home Ownership Savings Plan for more important projects.

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  • Eligibility, interest paid, maximum amount, payments, withdrawals, term of contract
  • interest calculation method and value dates, taxation, account closure, transfer of rights, inheritance, bequest
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All natural persons may sign up for a Home Ownership Savings Account.

It is possible for one person to hold only one Home Ownership Savings Account.

Interest paid

The Home Ownership Savings Account pays 0.50% interest (rate applied on 2015-01-01), not including 15.50% social security withholdings (rate applied on 2014-01-01).

Good to know
The premium contributed by the state is equal to half of the amount of interest paid (for Home Ownership Savings accounts opened since 1998-06-16). This premium is limited to €1,144 per account and is paid in when the loan is obtained.

Account balance limit

The Home Ownership Savings Account is capped at €15,300.

This limit can only be exceeded by the amount of interest paid in and compounded.


  • Initial transfer: a minimum of €300 and a maximum of €15,000.
  • Subsequent transfers: a minimum of €75, discretionary or automatic.


There is no minimum withdrawal, under the condition that you maintain at least a €300 balance.

You can make transfers into other BNP Paribas accounts, as well as into third party accounts.

Term of contract

The account has no contractual term.

To be granted a Home Ownership Savings Account Loan, the Home Ownership Savings Account must have already been open for at least 18 months.

(1) Rate applied on 2015-08-01.
(2) Up to €1,144.

FAQ ()

  • What is the difference between a Home Ownership Savings Account and a Home Ownership Savings Plan?
  • The Home Ownership Savings Account offers more flexibility than the Home Ownership Savings Plan. With a Home Ownership Savings Account, you can make deposits and withdrawals as you wish, whereas the Home Ownership Savings Plan requires you to make regular deposits with no possibility to withdraw money (except on termination).

    Interest acquired with your Home Ownership Savings Account is tax exempt (except for direct social security withholding), taxed for a Home Ownership Savings Plan held for more than 12 years.
  • Home Ownership Savings Account: why is the state premium useful?
  • The premium paid by the state increases the Home Ownership Savings Account return.

    It is only deposited once into your account and only if and when you obtain a Home Ownership Savings Plan.

    The amount of this premium varies and depends on the date you opened your account. The premium granted for Home Ownership Savings accounts opened after 1998-06-16 is equal to half the amount of interest paid, but it cannot exceed the maximum limit of €1,144.

    This premium is tax exempt but is subject to direct social security withholding.
  • Is your Home Ownership Savings Account transferable to several persons?
  • The savings account itself has to be distinguished from the borrowing rights borne from the savings account. The Home Ownership Savings Account cannot itself be transferred between living persons. However, borrowing rights may be transferred. This may be possible between the account holder and his kin only (spouse, parents and grandparents, descendants, siblings). There are however strict conditions to be met.

    A Home Ownership Savings Account may be transferred to one beneficiary only, who must already be a Home Ownership Savings plan or account holder. Certain account holding time limits must also be met. However, even if you accumulate several Home Ownership Savings accounts, you will not be able to obtain a loan for more than the maximum amount that would be granted for only one Home Ownership Savings Account.
  • What is the interest rate on a loan linked to a Home Ownership Savings Account?
  • The interest rate depends on the deposit period.

    For example, for interest earned on amounts deposited since 2010-08-01, the interest rate on the loan would be 2.227% not including insurance.

In addition

  • PELSavingsHOME OWNERSHIP SAVINGS PLANInterest rate offered: 2% guaranteed throughout the term of your contract, up to €61,200 of savings.
  • Prêt Compte Épargne LogementCreditHOME OWNERSHIP SAVINGS ACCOUNT LOANThe Home Ownership Savings Account Loan can be included in the estimate of your personal downpayment, and may finance up to 100% of the total cost of your home or home improvements (not including notary fees).
  • Protection ÉpargnePersonal insuranceSAVINGS INSURANCEMaximum security: secure your livrets and savings accounts.

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