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rent a safe deposit box

Rent a safety deposit box


Protect your possessions

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Tailored safety deposit box compartment rental service that allows you to protect your valuables.

Protect your belongings in complete security and confidentiality.

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Safety deposit box


Protect your valuables in complete security and confidentiality.


ADAPTEDTo your needs

BNP Paribas rents safety deposit box compartments that are adapted to meet your needs and budget.

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Please note

In the event that locksmith services are required to open a safety deposit box, all related charges shall be borne by the renter.

If you are a BNP Paribas Security or BNP Paribas Security Plus holder, your safety deposit box key is covered in the event it is lost or stolen.

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Renting a safety deposit box

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To rent a safety deposit box you must be a BNP Paribas account holder.

Safety deposit box rentals are available only through an advisor at your branch and are subject to availability. The renter will receive one key per box.

There are several types of tenancy:

  • Individual safety deposit box tenancy
  • Joint tenancy
    This allows each co-renter (up to 4) to act alone (access the box, cancel the contract, etc.), but requires them all to sign the box rental agreement.
  • Tenancy in common
    Also called undivided tenancy, this requires the rental agreement to be signed by all co-renters who must access the box as a group. Each co-renter may terminate the rental agreement independently.
    The co-renters may appoint one or more agents who are allowed to access the box alone by mutual agreement.

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