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downloading bank account details

Downloading bank account details

Bank account details

Bank account details are provided in a document containing the identity of the account holder and other details, such as the BIC and IBAN numbers. This document permits the account holder to share their branch information in order to receive transfers and/or pay bills via direct debit or interbank payment orders.

Under the Permanent Banking Reference policy, if you change branches, your account and policy numbers as well as your multimedia access codes (customer number and PIN code) remain the same.

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Learn how you can download your bank account details.


You can also access your bank account details:

  • By visiting the website (up to 6 issued documents per session). You can print your bank account details or request that they be mailed to you
  • In the BNP Paribas "Mes Comptes" mobile app
  • At the end of your checkbook
  • At any BNP Paribas ATM
  • At your branch, upon presentation of a photo ID
  • By using the self-service printers, using your BNP Paribas debit card
  • By calling the Customer Service Center at +33 (0)1 57 08 22 00 (€0.12/min from a landline in Metropolitan France) and requesting your bank account details be mailed to you

Please note:
You can also obtain your bank account details by calling the Customer Service Center at +33 (0)1 57 08 22 00.

How much does it cost?

Whatever method you choose, your bank account details are provided to you free of charge.

Postage fees, however, will be billed to you for bank account details sent by mail.

All about bank account details


Each document with your bank account details contains the following identification information:

  • The account holder's first and last name or the business name
  • The name of the institution and the branch responsible for the account
  • The national account identification formerly used for transactions in France, which includes the following references:
    • bank code (5 digits)
    • sort code (5 digits)
    • account number (11 digits)
    • bank account information key (2 digits)
  • IBAN: The 27-digit International Bank Account Number identifies the account within the international banking system. This number is used to process SEPA and international transactions
  • BIC: The 11-digit Bank Identifier Code is the SWIFT address assigned to credit institutions, notably used for SEPA credit transfers (outside of France) and abroad

Please note:

  • With your Permanent Banking References, you retain the same account numbers even if you change bank branches.
  • The first 5 digits of your bank account may no longer be interpreted as a branch code.
  • Bank account details that are printed at the branch include the account holder's address.

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