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Do you want to switch banks? With Facilimouv' – a banking mobility assistance service – BNP Paribas takes over the formalities associated with moving your account quickly(1) and free of charge.

Free service(1)

In detail


Sign up onlineFast

Sign up to Facilimouv' in just a few clicks by signing your "banking mobility mandate" online.(2)


Tracking areaTransparent

Once signed up, you will have access to a tracking area allowing you to monitor the progress of your bank switchover.

After signing your banking mobility mandate, BNP Paribas will ask your former bank for details about all valid direct debits and recurring transfers(3) posted to your old account within the last 13 months. It will inform all senders of payments and/or recipients of direct debits of your new bank details.


Free serviceFor all customers

This service is free of charge and available for all customers with a deposit account at another bank.(1)


Optionbased on your needs

When you sign up, you choose the date on which your standing orders from your old account will stop. You can also ask BNP Paribas to send your old bank a request to close your old account and transfer any remaining balance.(4)

Further details

Please note

Sign-up to the Facilimouv' service for switching bank is confirmed by electronic signature. You must have provided a mobile phone number (for every account holder affected).

Ensure you have provided your phone number in your Profile.

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The Facilimouv' banking mobility assistance service is available to all customers opening a new account within the BNP Paribas network in metropolitan France (excluding Hello bank! customers(1)) and who hold a deposit account with another banking institution located in metropolitan France or in the French overseas departments.

(1) Hello bank! is a brand of BNP Paribas SA. Hello bank! customers can also benefit from a banking mobility assistance service. Please see details and conditions at

(1) Service in accordance with the terms as set out in articles L 312-17 and R 312.4.4 of the financial and monetary code - service offered free of charge in accordance with the law.
(2) You should fill out and sign your mobility mandate after receiving an email confirming that your deposit account has been opened.
(3) A "recurring" transfer (also called a "regular" transfer) is defined as any payment transaction presented at least twice by the same issuer to credit the customer's account during the 13 months prior to signature of the banking mobility mandate.
(4) To be specified in the banking mobility mandate.

How do I sign up?

It is quick and easy!

Sign up online

  1. Fill out
    the online sign-up form (after confirming your deposit account has been opened)
    your options (request your old account be closed and transfer the balance to your new account)
  3. Sign
    your banking mobility electronically
  4. Monitor
    the progress of your request

FAQs ()

  • Can I benefit from Facilimouv' on my joint account?
  • The automatic exchange of information to change banks in possible:

    • from an individual account to an individual account for the same account holder
    • from an individual account to a joint account (where one of the account holders is the account holder of the original individual account)
    • from a joint account to a joint account (with the same account holders).
  • If I decide to close my old account, what closure date should I specify in the mobility mandate?
  • There must be at least 30 days between the date closure is requested and the actual closure date. However, it is preferable to choose a longer period (and to ensure sufficient funds are available) so that all current transactions (checks, cards, transfers) have moved from your old account before it is closed: a check presented during the 13 months following the closure of an account with insufficient funds or that has already been closed at your old bank would be rejected and you may run the risk of being suspended from holding a bank account unless you provide funds directly to your old bank before the check is rejected.
  • If I decide to close my old account, does my old bank have any obligations towards me?
  • Yes, it is subject to obligations if you close your deposit account in the context of banking mobility. It must inform you, free of charge for a period of 13 months from the date of closure, about all transactions presented on your closed account (transfers or direct debits(1), checks), as well as about any other circumstance preventing the transfer of the balance and the closure of your account.

    (1) This information is given at least once per issuer of transfer or direct debit.
  • Is it possible to change banks for my transactions on a case-by-case basis?
  • Yes, but by signing up to our dedicated service Facilidom': this allows you to list only those issuers you want to be informed about the change of your bank details.(2)

    (2) In such case, the institutions you specify are not required to comply with the legal periods to amend your banking details.
  • What is a "recurring" transfer?
  • A "recurring" transfer (or "regular") is defined as any payment transaction presented at least twice by the same issuer (institution or individual) to credit your account during the 13 months prior to signature of the banking mobility mandate.
  • What about my standing orders?
  • When you sign up to the Facilimouv' banking mobility assistance service, you indicate in the mandate the end date of your standing orders from your old account.
    Consider re-creating them in your new account with your advisor or at You can do the same to also re-create automatic transfers to your various savings accounts.

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