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Assistance for changing banks

La mobilité bancaire

Change banks, it's simple and fast, thanks to the bank change service!

Service 100% Free

In detail

Sign up

Simpleat your branch

Visit your branch to give a mandate to your advisor without providing any supporting documents at sign-up.


EfficientIn just a few clicks

Take a few minutes to provide a list of automatic transfers and payments that were linked to your old account, which can be entered directly on the Facilidom website in just a few clicks, directly from home. All chosen agencies will be informed on your behalf at once.


Request follow-upImmediate

You can contact customer service by email or telephone at any time to find out the status of your bank change.

You can also follow-up directly on the website for more details about your request. You benefit from a delay of 4 months to inform agencies of your new banking details.


FreeFor all our clients

Switching your automatic transfers and payments is free.

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This service is free for all BNP Paribas customers wishing to easily change banks.

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Our advisors are here to assist you.

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For assistance or to make a claim/contest a charge, your advisor can be reached on their direct line (a standard rate call).

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