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With Simplidons - l'arrondi, donate the small change on your bank statement to a worthy cause

Simplidons - L'Arrondi

Simplidons – Rounded Giving is a BNP Paribas service that makes it easy to donate to partner Organizations and Foundations, starting from €1 per month.

In detail

How Simplidons - L'Arrondi works


With Simplidons, you make a donation of the spare change from your bank statement plus a small sum (starting from €1) every month.

How the donation system works


You choose the organization(s) that will receive your donations. You define the parameters for your giving.

Your charitable contributions


Your entire donation is transferred directly and free-of-charge to the organization.

Tax benefits

66%Tax deduction

66% of your donation are tax-deductible (75% for some organizations), limited to 20% of your taxable income and within the limits set by law.

Further details

Detailed characteristics of

SIMPLIDONS - rounded giving

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Description of the service

The spare change from your bank statements
BNP Paribas has been working with SIMPLIDONS since 2009 to provide a way for bank clients to donate the spare change from bank statements to partner organizations.

Created by the innovative and philanthropic start-up, microDON, L'ARRONDI is a system that encourages charitable donations from ordinary transactions: grocery purchases, bank statements, salary statements, internet purchases, payment of bills, etc. The credits on your bank statement are rounded down to the nearest euro, the debits are rounded up and the spare change is donated to the organization(s) of your choice. Suitable for all budgets and easy to set up, L'ARRONDI is an innovative form of giving that is transparent, spontaneous and social.

Easy and simple online sign-up
Choose from the online list the organization that will receive your donation and set up your SIMPLIDONS transfer in just a few clicks.

FAQ (2)

  • Why does a bank encourage giving?
  • Banks help process all kinds of payments. They have both the legitimacy and responsability to offer their expertise to humanitarian projects: safety, reliability, payment transfers, online, mobile, etc.
  • Does BNP Paribas also make charitable donations?
  • Yes: BNP donates through its foundation and has long-standing philanthropic commitments.
    BNP Paribas reinforces these commitments with Simplidons in two ways: by implementing this payment transfer system and simplifying the fiscal paperwork associated with these donations for partner organizations. And by running with the momentum of its clients: BNP Paribas donates every year to the same organizations. These donations have amounted to close to one million euros since the creation of the program in 2005.

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