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How to manage your checkbooks

Ordering checkbooks

You can have your standard checkbook orders renewed automatically. If necessary, you can also place special orders:

  • On with the checkbook order service
  • With the Customer Service Center at +33 (0)1 57 08 22 00. For any claim or dispute regarding the performance of your contract, please contact your branch advisor on their direct line (standard rates apply)
  • At any BNP Paribas ATM
  • At your branch or any other BNP Paribas branch


Ordering a checkbook


Placing an order



The account holder or co-holder, agent(s) depending on the type of mandate, or legal representative(s) if they are authorized, can order one or more checkbooks.

Besides automatic renewal, you can also place additional checkbook orders.

There are several types of standard checkbooks available:

  • Portfolios (open from the top): 30 checks
  • Regular (open from the side): 30 or 60 checks
  • With counterfoils (and stubs): 60 checks

Please note

A standard checkbook consists of:

  • Crossed-out checks: they can only be deposited by crediting an account; therefore, they cannot be cashed with a bank teller
  • Non-endorsable checks: the check beneficiary must deposit them into their own account and cannot endorse them on behalf of a third party


At the back of your checkbook, you will find 5 customized check deposit slips with your bank account information that you can use to easily deposit your checks at branches and expedite the availability of funds.

When you open an account, you will receive your checkbook within eight days by your chosen method of delivery:

  • At the branch where the account is held: either you, anypossible co-holders,
    account agent, legal representative or third party with a dated and signed
    authorization can pick it up
  • At another branch that you designated beforehand
  • At your home by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt
    (shipping and postage costs will be collected)
  • At another address you chose (in France or abroad).
    You will be charged for shipping and postage costs.

Learn more about the SMS Notifications service,
which will notify you when your checkbooks are ready

Any third party who picks up your checkbook must present identification as well as your dated and signed authorization.



Your new checkbook will be available within eight days and will be created as soon as one of the last five checks (in a 30-check checkbook) or one of the last ten checks (in a 60-check checkbook) is accounted for.


You can order a checkbook online at through the Checkbook Order service, via the "Mes Comptes" app, through the Customer Service Center at +33 (0)1 57 08 22 00, at your branch (at any BNP Paribas branch) or at a BNP Paribas ATM.

It will also be available within eight days.

For these special orders, you are entitled to a maximum of three checkbooks per order.

Any special checkbook orders will not be automatically renewed.

Did you know...?

  • Checkbooks that have not been picked up at a branch within 2 months of their delivery will be destroyed. We suggest you pick them up as soon as possible
  • An urgent checkbook can be delivered to account holders who wish to rapidly obtain their checks without making a standard order. Your branch advisor can provide you with more information.



A bank CESU is a service offered to individual customers that facilitates access to all personal services (including Servissimes). The jobs covered are limited to household or familial tasks carried out at the home of an employer or outside the home if they fall within the extension of a household service activity (e.g. meal or laundry and ironing deliveries).

A bank CESU facilitates the relationship between individual customers who are "employers" and social contribution collection organizations (URSSAF).

Sign up for CESU

You can enroll directly online at, at your bank branch or at your URSSAF office.

When you enroll, you can choose your method of declaration:

  • Online, at The employer will receive a username and password that will allow them to log in to their area
  • With the paper declaration form included in your CESU booklet. Each booklet contains 20 declaration forms with pre-addressed envelopes for their return.

In both cases, the employee can be paid by any method of payment the employer chooses (by transfer, cash, check or prepaid CESU).

PREPAID CESUs (or TSP CESUs, special payment method CESUs)

A prepaid CESU, a special method of payment of a predefined amount, is bought from issuing organizations by a company planning to issue them to its employees.

Employees paid by prepaid CESUs can cash them directly at the CESU Payment Center (Centre de Remboursement CESU, CRCESU): / Phone: 0 892 680 662 (€0.34/min., including taxes, in Metropolitan France; €0.306/min., including taxes, for overseas departments).

For increased security, we suggest you make your payment requests online.

Please note

  • New members can no longer order bank CESU checkbooks
  • Members who previously used bank CESU checkbooks, who make their declarations online, can no longer renew their CESU checkbook orders. Payments will be made by transfer, in cash or with a standard check.
  • Members who initially opted for declaration form booklets can register with CESU online at any time to make their declarations
  • In the event of loss or theft, payment can be stopped on bank CESUs just like with any other check: the terms and conditions are identical to those of other categories of checkbooks
  • In the event of loss, theft or damage to a prepaid CESU, you must immediately contact the issuer of the prepaid CESU or call the CESU Payment Center (CRCESU)
  • If the duration of the home services rendered is over eight hours per week or four consecutive weeks during the year, an indefinite employment contract (CDI) must be made and signed by the employer and employee
  • The residence where the employee works must be located in Metropolitan France or in France's overseas departments


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