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A customized debit card: à chacun son image


Personalize your debit card

Carte A Chacun Son Image

Display your passions and customize the appearance of your Visa Electron, Visa Classic, or Visa Premier Cards.

Choose a card that expresses your personality.

In detail

Display your passions

6 image collectionsMore choices

Getaways, Nature, Culture, Sports, Solidarity, We Love Cinema.
Two new categories are available: She and Childhood.

Customized image

Your favorite photoAlways with you

Children, holidays, pets, etc.
You can upload your personal photo to your debit card to create an exclusive visual.

Humanitarian aid

SolidarityHelp a non-profit organization

Choose an image from one of our partner associations under the "Solidarity" category. BNP Paribas will donate the entire premium received for this option.

Further details

Please note

Additionally, We Love Cinema gives you access to many movie advantages by customizing your debit card with a We Love Cinema visual.

Details features of

à chacun son image (each with your own image)

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You can sign up for the "À chacun son image" option if you are at least 16 years of age:

  • If you already have a Visa Electron, Visa Classic or Visa Premier Card
  • If you would like to sign up for a Visa Electron, Visa Classic or Visa Premier Card

If you are a minor, your legal representative(s) must sign up for the "À chacun son image" option on your behalf at your local branch.

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