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BNP Net package


Secure your online purchases

Carte bancaire formule BNP Net

The BNP Net package linked to your debit card allows you to make online purchases with confidence and simplifies your management.

Security for your online purchases

In detail

Complementary insurance policies

More insurance More peace of mind

The BNP Net package linked to your BNP Paribas debit card includes coverage for non-standard delivery and failure to deliver the items you have purchased online with your debit card.(1)

(1) Within the limits of and according to the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice of insurance.

Kaspersky Internet Security


The BNP Net package also provides a complete security suite (Kapersky Internet Security©) to protect your computer against viruses, cyber attacks and spam.


100% online view your transactions in just 2 clicks

View your payments remotely: with the BNP Net package, you can visit in order to view your purchases remotely with a dedicated display.

Further details

Please note

KASPERSKY is the #1 anti-virus software in France.

When signing-up for the BNP Net Package either remotely and/or after solicitation, you benefit from a 14-day legal cooling-off period from the date the contract was signed.

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the BNP Net package

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Application conditions

You can sign up for the BNP Net package with the following BNP Paribas debit cards: MyB's, Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Premier and Visa Infinite, if you are over 18 years of age, or are a minor of at least 16 years of age with the consent of your legal representative. You may request that any co-holder of your bank account or an authorized third party also be a co-holder of this card.

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