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livret jeune card

Livret Jeune Card


The card linked to your Livret Jeune savings account

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The Livret Jeune Card is a free withdrawal card with a PIN code that allows 12- to 17-year-olds to withdraw money and view their account balance at any BNP Paribas ATM.

The card is linked to your Livret Jeune savings account.

In detail

Money withdrawal

Any time of day or nightYour savings are always available

Withdraw money from more than 3,000 BNP Paribas ATMs in France.*

* Livret Jeune savings accounts must have a minimum balance of €10. Withdrawals may not leave the account with a negative balance.

Cash deposits

immediateFund your savings without constraints

Deposit your cash directly at BNP Paribas ATMs intended for that purpose.*

* Within the €1,600 limit authorized by regulation.

Further details

Detailed features of the

Livret Jeune Card

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Livret Jeune withdrawal cards may be requested:

  • By the legal representatives of a minor under 18 years of age who holds the Livret Jeune savings account to which the card will be linked. The signature of the legal representative is mandatory for subscription
  • By Livret Jeune savings account holders over 18 years of age

In addition

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