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cirrus card

Cirrus Card


Benefit from a complementary card on the MasterCard network

Carte Cirrus

The Cirrus Card is an international withdrawal card that provides you access to the network of MasterCard ATMs. It is very practical for locations not covered by the Visa Card and also serves as an alternative in the event of loss or theft of your primary Visa card.

2 million ATMs worldwide.

In detail

PIN code and limit


You will keep the same codes and limit as your primary card.

Large network


A complementary card providing you access to the MasterCard® network.

More ATMs


Works at over 2 million ATMs worldwide.

More withdrawals


This card is practical for international withdrawals, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe and Asia.

Further details

Detailed features of the

Cirrus Card

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The Cirrus Card is most often linked to another international payment card.

Signing up for a Cirrus Card is subject to conditions. Contact your advisor for more information.

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