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american express green card

American Express Green Card


For secure purchases

Carte American Express Green

The American Express Green Card effectively accompanies your expenditures every day, safeguards your purchases in shops and online, offers you exclusive services worldwide and rewards your loyalty.

Receive a 50% reduction on your American Express Green Card for the first year.

In detail

Loyalty program

€1 = 1 pointMembership Rewards®

Points are valid for life and can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards.

Additional cash withdrawals

€300 to €900 in 7 days additional limit

Withdraw up to €300 in France per day and €900 abroad per day for 7 consecutive days from more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide.

Leisure time and shopping

Dedicated service exclusive offers

Exclusive services with ever-increasing privileges: Accessible at:


Optimal and internationalguarantees

The card will be replaced worldwide for free within 48 hours,(1) Total Fraud Coverage,(2) 90-day Purchase Coverage,(3) Travel Services.(4)

Pay according to your preference

No spending limitevolving credit limit

Your payment capacity evolves in relation to your history with American Express and adapts to your needs (with no predetermined spending limit). You also benefit from up to 30 days of free deferred debit.

Supplementary card

Free for your close ones

A supplementary American Express Green Card is free for your spouse, partner or other family member.

Further details

Please note

As as BNP Paribas customer, you receive a 50% reduction for the first year that amounts to €47.50. After your first purchase you will be credited with 2,000 American Expense loyalty points.
Cash withdrawals are free from any BNP Paribas ATM in Metropolitan France.

Detailed features of the

American Express Green Card

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The American Express Green Card is available to all BNP Paribas customers of legal age who have a bank account in France and a gross annual income of at least €20,000.

(1) Average waiting time of 24 to 48 hours after receipt of supporting documents.
(2) Your liability is limited to €25, except for fraudulent cash withdrawals from ATMs following the simultaneous loss of the card and the confidential PIN code.
(3) Policy underwritten by American Express for ACE European Group Ltd, according to the General Terms and Conditions in force as of 2010-01-11.
(4) The agreement was concluded between American Express Carte-France and Inter Partner Assistance, Directorate for Germany, within the limits defined in the General Terms and Conditions in force as of 2010-01-11.

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