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Carte Visa Electron

Visa Electron Card

A payment and withdrawal card with systematic authorization, which functions in France and abroad as part of the Visa worldwide network.

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Carte Visa Classic

Visa Classic Card

The simple international Visa card. Make payments and withdraw money in France and abroad.

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Carte Visa Premier

Visa Premier Card

The Visa Premier card offers you ironclad protection for your daily life and travels.

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Carte Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite Card

The Visa Infinite Card is the prestigious card in the BNP Paribas line. For truly tailored and high-end service.

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The BNP Net card is an easily-monitored Visa Classic debit card that provides you with services designed to allow you to shop online with complete confidence.

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Carte Cirrus

Cirrus Card

The Cirrus Card is a withdrawal card that gives you access to the MasterCard network. Thus, you benefit from emergency replacement in the event that your main Visa card is lost or stolen.

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Carte Plus

Plus Card

The BNP Paribas Visa Plus Card allows you to withdraw money any time from ATMs in France and abroad.

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Carte Livret A

Livret A Card

Learn more about the withdrawal card linked to your Livret A savings account.

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Carte Livret Jeune

Livret Jeune Card

The Livret Jeune Card is a free withdrawal card with a PIN code that allows 12-17 year olds to withdraw money and view their account balance at any BNP Paribas ATM.

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Carte MyB's

MyB's Card

A special payment and withdrawal card for young people between the ages of 12 and 17.

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Carte Platinum American Express

American Express Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum Card is an exceptional international payment card offering access to a world of privileges. An ideal supplement to your Visa Infinite Card.

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Carte Gold American Express

American Express Gold Card

The American Express Gold Card is an international payment card that gives you daily access to your world of recreation while rewarding your loyalty. An ideal supplement to your Visa Premier Card.

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Carte Green American Express

American Express Green Card

Efficiently accompanies your daily expenditures, safeguards your payments in shops and online, offers you exclusive services worldwide and rewards your loyalty. An ideal supplement to your Visa Classic Card.

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