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Copy of your imprimé fiscal unique (IFU) (french tax form)

How do I obtain another copy of my IFU?

All your transactions related to securities and capital gains are subject to an annual consolidated declaration: the imprimé fiscal unique (IFU) (French Tax form).

Prepare your request

The following information is necessary to process your request:

  • First and last name of the account holder
  • Relevant fiscal year
  • Bank branch code (found on your RIB (bank account information slip))
  • Account type (individual account, joint account)

Copies of your imprimé fiscal unique (IFU) (French tax form)

A copy is mailed to the account holder or to their personal representative.

The processing time depends on the year requested and the time of year that your request is made:

  • Between February and September: a request for an additional copy from the preceding year can be processed very quickly
  • Requests made outside of this period or requests for copies from prior years will take longer to process

In either case, you must contact your branch Advisor by telephone or mail to make your request. Requests are processed free of charge.

Did you know...?
BNP Paribas keeps each imprimé fiscal unique (IFU) (French Tax form) for six years and the account holder must also keep these documents for six years.

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