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Customized standing orders


Cascade is a customized savings service that allows you to automatically transfer money from your checking account to one or more of your savings accounts that were opened at the same branch.

Saving made easy with customized standing orders.

In detail

Account set-up

Freedomuser-defined transfers

You choose the threshold, dates and amounts of the transfers into your savings account(s).

Save regularly

no restrictionsat your own pace

Save money regularly, with no monthly restrictions and at your own pace.

Further details

Please note

  • After the limit for the first accounts is reached, it is possible to choose other beneficiary savings accounts, known as "level 2" accounts.
  • When all the beneficiary accounts reach their limits, the Cascade service is suspended.

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Cascade requires the following information to be determined at the time of subscription:

  1. The issuing account
    The issuing account is the main and/or secondary checking account, from which the transfers for funding the beneficiary account(s) are to be made.
  2. The threshold of the issuing account
    The threshold of the issuing account is the balance of these accounts from which transfers are made. The minimum threshold is €30 or €75 if the transfer is being made into a CEL (Compte Épargne Logement - home ownership savings account).
  3. Transfer amount
    The transfer amount must be equal to or lower than the threshold set for the issuing account. It must be a multiple of €15 with a minimum of €30, or €75 for transfers into a CEL. The number of transfers is limited to six per month.
  4. Transfer dates
    The holder of Cascade may choose one or two monthly dates for transfers to be made.
  5. Beneficiary savings account(s)
    The eligible beneficiary savings accounts are: Livret A, Sustainable Development Livret, Savings Account, Popular Livret Savings Account, Livret Jeune, Home Ownership Savings Account, and Archipel Liberté.

Please note

  • It is possible to vary the transfer threshold, dates and amounts (within the limit of 6 transfers per month).
  • Changes may be made at the branch only.

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