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Esprit Libre Initiative is a banking offer for individuals 18 to 24 years of age, providing essential products and services for viewing and managing the accounts related to your checking account.

An essential part of your daily life.

In detail

Debit card included


Benefit from all the advantages of the Visa Electron, Visa Classic or Visa Premier Cards.

Protected payment methods


You are protected in the event of fraudulent use of your payment instruments, as well as in case of loss or theft of your identity documents or keys.

Your choice of options


Customize your Esprit Libre package the way you like it.

Monthly premiums


Convenient monthly payments

Further details


With Esprit Libre Initiative, you benefit from preferential rates on your other banking products:

  • At least 50% reduction on the standard rate for the "Essentials"
  • At least 10% reduction on the standard rate for the "Optional features"
  • Complimentary "additional services"
  • A further 10% reduction on the rate for your main Esprit Libre debit card when you sign a direct income deposit agreement for young working professionals.

Detailed features of

Esprit Libre Initiative

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  • Conditions for sign-up and closure
  • Essentials
  • Complimentary additional services
  • Optional features
  • Rates
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Esprit Libre Initiative includes a basic banking offer ("Essentials") with several packages containing features that differ according to the debit card you choose.

  • You choose from the following debit cards : Visa Electron, Visa Classic or Visa Premier.
  • Your payment methods are protected with BNP Paribas Sécurité or BNP Sécurité Plus (included with the Visa Premier Card).

    Choose among the following options:
  • A customized overdraft facility to help you through temporary cash flow difficulties (with a threshold before fees are charged)
  • A second debit card (at the same or lower level than your main card).

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  • Why should I be interested in this bundled banking offer?
  • In addition to a preferential rate of 50% less for the "Essentials" and 10% less for the "Optional features" compared to the standard rate, you benefit from complimentary banking services including checking account management (bank checks, standing orders, Bank Account Message Service, Cascade).

In addition

  • Esprit Libre RéférenceAccountsESPRIT LIBRE RÉFÉRENCEEsprit Libre Référence Essential brings together banking products and services for tracking and managing your accounts and offers you additional exclusive advantages.
  • Globe studentAccountsGLOBe STUDENTWhether studying or interning abroad, enjoy banking services tailored to your needs.
  • BNP Paribas Sécurité plusProperty insuranceBNP PARIBAS SECURITY PLUSInsurance for the entire family which covers your payment instruments, cash, personal belongings (keys, official documents and handbags) and protects your identity.

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